Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Choice

The Governor asked, “Which of the two do you want me to release for you?” And they cried out, “Barabbas!”  Matt. 27:21

I don’t know about you, but give me the choice and I will usually choose:

The largest cookie in the batch (but without the burnt bottom),

Two slices of bread from the middle of the loaf instead of the first and slightly stale ones,

To give advice rather than ask for it,

The easy job,

The seat by the window,

To teach, rather than to be taught,

The glass of Coke from the new bottle rather than the one sitting open all night,

The slice of pizza with the most pepperoni on it,

The larger piece of cheesecake, and if there are only two left I might even slice a little off the other one,

To be thanked for giving rather than be given to,

The nicest cherry tomatoes for my salad,

The second slice of baloney rather than the slightly slimy one on top,

The white meat,

An evening with someone I enjoy being with rather than with someone who needs to enjoy an evening with somebody,

To be recognized and praised rather than have my good deeds go unnoticed.

The movie I want to see,

To speak rather than listen,

The banana with the fewest brown spots.

Given my track record for choices and what they say about me, I think I can safely predict who I would have shouted for when Barabbas and Jesus were put up for grabs.  Which has all to do with why I need a Savior. 

Given Jesus’ track record He would have chosen Barabbas too.  Or me.  Which has everything to do with why He is the Savior.


Drewster2000 said...


I just found your blog through a reference from Fr. Stephen at Glory to God for All Things. I liked the entries I sampled so much that I decided to go back through all of them.

Already you have blessed me with "Betrayal of Jackie" and "Bathroom at Fudruckers". Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

In one way, you are a real bridge between the Orthodox and all those "Westerners" around you. In another way you are simply bridging the gap between Christ and all those "Pagans" around you.

In any case, I thank you for your continuing ministry and your willingness and to share who you are and what you have, no matter what that may be, to the best of your ability.

s-p said...

Drewster2K, Thanks for checking out the blog. There's a lot here, I hope you find the bulk of it edifying, if not, entertaining.