Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another One Launches

My oldest daughter, Brittany walked at University of Arizona with the Department of Political Science after five years of carrying a full load of classes, working two jobs and taking two Spanish classes at once to complete her language requirement this semester.

.....At least we THINK she did.

The GPS photo taken from the nosebleed section of the Tucson Convention Center is being sent to the CIA for computer digital photo enhancement to verify that this is indeed her carrying an unidentified piece of paper (possibly a suicide note if her name is not called) and under the small red postage stamp poster below.

This is the proud grad with friends. We realize she could have mugged a real grad in the bathroom and stolen the gown to meet us outside the arena after the ceremony. No police reports of such an event were published so we think that was really her walking.

At any rate, she got a lot of cool stuff and got to drink some beer and eat good bar food.... well, she doesn't drink beer, but we got to, in honor of the accomplishment. Any excuse works to go to Chuy's.

So, what does a Poly Sci major do after graduation? I took some pictures after our last UofA graduation.....But, we'll see. For now, its all good.


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Philippa said...

Yay! Congrats to your daughter! Many years!!!

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