Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It occurred to me today: Why do you have to pay extra for "upgraded" TV in order to get the "degraded" programming?


David Bryan said...


Don said...

HERE'S your blog! I had e-mailed you from Orthopraxis (a forum for Orthodox Christians) not too long ago, which is still up and running, but I am also blogging now, and am glad to be adding this one to my blogroll! It was great finding you!

I'm still a fan of OLIC! Keep spreading the word!

In Christ,


Elizabeth said...

This has to be one of the mosct concise and thought/debate-provoking one-liners that I have ever heard.
Short, sharp, and straight to the point :-)

I agree; I watch so little tv these days I often wonder why we pay the staggering costs of a TV licence. We must be one of the few houses in our area that doesn't have satellite or cable, just the basic stations. My husband watches about two hours per day.

I only watch one programme a week and that is the re-run of Jericho, which I missed first time round......