Friday, November 21, 2008

Everything's Amazing, and No One is Happy

I was following a Sparklett's Water truck on the freeway yesterday. The poster on the back side said "The taste you deserve without the calories!"

Ummmm.... "The taste you deserve"? Who DESERVES taste??? And why?

The sense of of entitlement is one of the latest narcissistic characteristics of an unabashedly self absorbed culture that advertisers are tapping in to. TV, radio and print ads tell you that you deserve a break, pampering, peace of mind, pleasure in unlimited and boundless quantities, to have bill collectors leave you alone, and yes, even water that has flavor and won't make you fat.

Why do you deserve all that? Simple. Just because you exist.

But not really. You don't deserve it, you feel entitled to it. Advertisers are merely schmoozing your self absorption to separate you from your money (I know that's news to many of you... sorry to burst your bubble). But if you're oblivious and narcissistic enough to believe what they are telling you, you deserve to be screwed and they deserve to get your money. The problem is, as much as we have we believe it is normative and whatever more is added quickly becomes what we are entitled to.

Entitlement is its own hell.

The guy in this video puts it all in perspective:
Everything is amazing and no one is happy.


-C said...

Yes - may God help us if we truly get what we deserve.

Fr. James Early said...

Well spoken, Steve (as always).

When we don't get what we deserve, that's a real good thing.

When we get what we don't deserve, that's a real good thing.

Mimi said...

My favorite part of those trucks is the sparkly things hanging off of them.

I agree about the sense of entitlement that is endemic in our society.

Jenny Hainsworth said...

Where do Pop Tarts figure in?;-)

s-p said...

Jenny, :)
Pop Tarts are amazing too, they're a quick breakfast, but not quite the speed of light. They make ME happy because I know I deserve S'mores Pop Tarts and Kellogg's makes them just for ME!