Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In the Grand Scheme of Things

It seems like a catastrophe...but its really just an inconvenience.

My desktop computer stopped computing last night while I slept. I got up and went to check my email....No blue screen, no lights, just the fan running. The computer repair guy pronounced the motherboard dead. He told me I can retrieve my documents and files...5 years worth of digital pictures, 7 gigs of research and documents, 125 Our Life in Christ radio programs and 10 finished podcasts for a new program I'm doing for Ancient Faith Radio to be announced soon. So, yay for that. (I do have some backups...I learned SOMETHING from my last crash.)

New computer is being built (actually I have them built because for the most part the ones from the store have way too much stuff I don't use/need, and I get what I need for about 250.00). I just don't look forward to spending my Saturday reloading all my software and re-setting up all my accounts etc. And I have to figure out how retrieve my email address book. I never figured out how to back that up. sigh.

Until then, I have to work from my laptop. I hate the keyboard and its slower than the Cherubic hymn. Waah. Poor me.


Philippa said...

I'm glad I decided to purchase an external hard drive for back up purposes. Now, if I'd only remember to back things up more often than every 6 months, I'd be good to go.

Merry Christmas...

s-p said...

Yes, I learned the very hard way (I don't think there is another way, actually...) to back up. I have a friend who does computer work for a living and recently had a crash on a fairly new backup. Do it. Now.

-C said...

"... its slower than the Cherubic hymn."

Wow. At my church, depending upon who is directingthe choir ona given day, that can be pretty slow.


(and I'm a very bad backer-upper, so thanks for the reminder.)

Anonymous said...

our harddrive kicked the bucket a month ago on our laptop and we lost Jonah's pictures, wedding pictures, tons of pictures...luckily our family's have some pictures too and our picasa web album also does have a few.

So, when do we get to hear some new live podcasts?

Dianne said...

I'm totally stealing that line. "Slower than the Cherubic Hymn." Why did I never think of that before? (Because I'm even slower?)