Friday, September 18, 2009

What I Did Today

I went to the Prescott Orthodox Church (a couple hours north of Phoenix) and installed their new Platytera icon. A few years ago I travelled up there twice a week to do Reader's services and teach catechism classes to help get the Mission established.

We unpacked the icon and it was VERY cool that it just happened to be just slightly smaller than the four foot stained glass window over the altar area of the former Lutheran Church they now rent. We had to rent a 14 foot ladder to put up the icon and take down a hanging plexiglass and tin cross that hung from the ceiling in front of it. A handful of self tapping screws to drill into the stained glass metal frame, some clips, a couple dabs of adhesive and a nice lunch with Fr. John Peck and VOILA! We also put in a spot light for the altar and the icon and a dimmer switch. (And a new ceiling fan at Fr. John's house...) Fr. John snapped this pic with his Blackberry when we were done.
All in all, a long but good day. It doesn't seem like rocket science to me, but Fr. John says it is to him and a lot of other people. It is just plain cool to be able to do this kind of stuff. I thank God I got fired from my ministry job and had to pick up an learn how to use tools to put food in the fridge 28 years ago.


-C said...

It IS rocket science to me and I'm always just in awe of your work.

What a gift! Thanks for sharing.

el cuerpo negro said...

My dad's side of the family is from the Prescott area. It's nice to know that if I ever decide to go get in touch with my roots, I won't have to drive far to visit an Orthodox Liturgy :)

Grace said...

That's so cool. She looks like she's blessing you personally.

I sympathize with the people who say it's rocket science. Greg and I have our abilities, but they don't include anything that requires tools or power tools.

But like you, we love when we get to put our little skills to work in God's house.

s-p said...

ECN, if you're ever around here let me know for sure. Grace, I always think I'd like to do what someone else is doing... its hard for me to not be envious of someone else's gifts. If folks would find their own and do them the whole Church would benefit greatly. EVERYONE is a rocket scientist to someone else in some way.

James the Thickheaded said...

Nice job. To paraphrase an old commercial:

"Looks great!"
"More filling!"

I'm a bit confused: Did you take down the window? What's on the outside?

s-p said...

Hi James, Actually we just covered the stained glass window with the icon which worked out great, I didn't have to sheetrock over the window or remove it etc. like we thought we might have to. I was able to get some sheetmetal screws and anchor some clips into the frame around the stained glass without breaking the glass. From the other side it still looks like a stained glass window. So when they leave we just take out the screws and pop the icon out and take it to its new home and the glass is still good. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I agree with IS rocket science...I'm good with tools also....E V E R Y T H I N G is a potential hammer...from an electric a a hammer!

s-p said...

Nina, LOL! But actually you'd make a perfect construction "trouble shooter" person (which is how I make most of my living, taking on projects no one else wants to tackle and there's no "how to manual" for it at Home Depot). In psychology they say you aren't "functionally fixed", that is you see possibilities for things that other people don't see. A screwdriver has 1,001 uses, or its a screwdriver... That generalizes into how you attack life, jobs, etc etc.