Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hipstodox Products Presents....


Jack said...

Don't laugh.

There is an Orthodox/Byzantine Catholic publishing house making Morning Prayers, 1, 3, 6, 9th hours, and Evening prayers avaiable daily for Kindle, Android, and IPhone.

Unknown said...

Jack, ever check out:

justjamey said...

I don't know what Jack's worried about. I usually use books, but I find having the hours and lectionary on my phone helpful. I even have two apps to check fasting and such. It's easy.

Still, this is awesome. I like to imagine it being carried in procession. It's not all that much different than the computer print-outs I've seen slipped into Gospel books by some deacons! :)

Anam Cara said...

I LOVE it!

I currently have on both my kindle and my iPad the Orthodox Study Bible - which I use! I miss the icon pages, but it is much lighter than the hardback (which I use at home). I also have Orthodox Daily Prayers from St. Tikhon's Seminary Press. I am thrilled to be able to carry those with me all the time, especially when traveling makes the weight a problem.

I wish I could get the seasidehosting site as a download (I'm not always in a wifi spot traveling internationally as I do.)

Drewster2000 said...

Like many of your other OrthoCaptions, my reaction is:

"Hehehehe.....oh crap! It's too close to reality."

Ochlophobist said...

I'm thinking of developing an app for Orthodox couples that shows line drawing sketches of 180 sexual positions and then informs, based on the day of the week and the fasting/non-fasting season, which positions are allowable at any given time, if ever, and by what source of authority - so under each position you would have a list like:

Elder Barsanuphius absolutely forbids.

Elder Daniel allows, on non fasting days and fish, wine, & oil days, so long as 100 prostrations are done the next morning.

GOArch allows all year long.

The AOANA allows on non-fasting days, and, should a $50 be check sent to Englewood, on fasting days as well.

The OCA DOS allows any heterosexual position within marriage so long as you vote Republican in defense of marriage as God intended it.

The rest of the OCA is working on a statement concerning this position. A determination is expected prior to 2019.

The Serbs forbid this throughout the liturgical year unless six shots of slivovitz each have been consumed by the spouses prior to the act, in which case, performing this act shows that you can hold your liquor, and thus a dispensation is granted.

The Romanians allow this year long so long as there is not a goat in the room at the time the act is performed.

The Exomologetarion of St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain - if you ever do this you must cut off your right hand if you ever want a true Orthodox priest to believe you have repented for it.

And so forth.

I plan on retiring off this puppy.

Steve Robinson said...

Och, I'll illustrate it if you'll write the book!