Monday, July 16, 2012

I Guess It's Not Too Late to Start Again... the very hour of his death, he said to the holy men who were standing near him, "Since I came to this place of the desert and built my cell and dwelt here, I do not remember having eaten bread which was not the fruit of my own hands and I have not said anything for which I was sorry later, even to this present hour; and yet I am going to God as one who has not even made a beginning in His service."  Abba Pambo


Drewster2000 said...

This is a pithy story that expertly demonstrates the humility we should have. The hard part is that the state of humility has been so downgraded as to look like we should emulate anything but that.

So thank you for the wonderful reminder.

Fr. Oliver said...

Indeed, and I think it also shows us a way toward understanding all righteousness when found in humanity. Take the Theotokos. Most holy, most pure, and yet humble and knowing she needed God.