Monday, September 24, 2012

My Mom's Fried Rice

Of course no one makes it like Mom, but here's what I do after watching her for years growing up.

First a lesson on how to cook rice.

1. Wash the rice. Three times. Add water to cover the rice, swish it around with your hand then pour the water off, repeat. Repeat.

2. Add water to the rice. How much? Put your index finger in the pot and barely touch the top of the rice. Add water up to your first joint. Really.

3. Add a little salt, bring to a boil, stir occasionally. Turn the heat down to the lowest setting and cover and let it sit for about ten minutes. Stir then turn off the heat, cover and let it sit for another 30 while you make the rest of supper.

OK, now you have perfect rice and there is almost always leftover rice.

The next morning, fried rice for breakfast!

You will need:

A little oil (any kind, sesame adds some flavor).
Chopped veggies. Green onions, carrot (finely sliced or shaved), onion, a little garlic, celery, bell pepper, be creative.
Chopped meats: Spam is the best! I've used leftover pork chops, roast beef, fish, shrimp, hot dogs... thin slice or fine cube the meat.
Eggs. 2 or 3 scrambled up with a little milk and garlic salt in a bowl.
Soy sauce.

Put the oil in the pan, add the meat and veggies and saute for a couple minutes (keep the veggies a little crispy at this stage, they'll cook more).

Add the eggs. Scramble until they just start cooking but are still a little soft and runny.

Add the rice and stir it all up. Douse with soy sauce and stir fry until the eggs are all done.

Eat and sigh.


Anaxagoras said...

Exact same procedure as my mom's fried rice. I can almost smell it cooking. Thank you.

shermshermy said...

This might be your greatest post ever.

Stella said...

Thanks for this!

Presto, you're a food blogger! :-)
Better than lots of them.

Chocolatesa said...

Thanks! :D

Justin said...

Spam! I love It, and I am unashamed.

s-p said...

Justin, You are not far from the kingdom! :)

cin said...

instead of oil, try frying bacon first in the pan. use the bacon grease to scramble the eggs and then add the rice and stuff in. that's how my grandma made it. you can always crumble the bacon back in fried rice as well.

s-p said...

cin, My Dad, being raised in Arkansas, would say bacon is a good "Americanization" of fried rice, however, my Mom being Chinese and raised in Hawaii would opt for oil and Spam. Fried rice is like tacos, you can put almost anything in it and it tastes good.

David Dickens said...

I must be predictable and acknowledge that while I would never want to mess with a classic, as always the addition of bacon must necessarily improve it.

I'm going to make this tomorrow morning to test the procedure.

s-p said...

David, Let me know how it turns out. As a "traditionalist" as much as I LOVE bacon, I'd make it with Spam.

David Dickens said...

Spam is an under-appreciated by-product of modernity, though perhaps not as compelling as antibiotics (though they are both prone to over-use if we are not careful).

And yes, the bacon was fantastic. There's something a little strange between soy sauce (which I always use much more of than any "traditionalist" would permit) and bacon. That is not to say it was bad, just a little strange.

Speaking of soy sauce. I had a friend who did a year of exchange in Japan with a host family. They were so amused by his abuse of soy sauce that even after he had weened himself off the stuff, they insisted that he drown his dinner in it whenever they had guests over, just for amusement.

So yes, the report, bacon in fried rice is a winner. Bacon's winning streak continues.

Anonymous said...

Oh man what a great recipe ! I have to try this one out very soon. Thanks !