Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tour of My Cubicle

This is the eight square feet of real estate I occupy in the hallway at work.
Mr. Yellow Ninja Birthday Balloon has stayed inflated since August 9. He guards the cubicle at night.

This is the back wall, slowly getting populated with stuff. At the left is my "POGONOPHOBIA FREE ZONE". Then "Mr. R's Brain Gym", and "Semper Gumby Always Flexible".

This is "Parade of Neon Frogs" the top of the left wall. No cubicle wall is complete without "Chattering Teeth" to remind everyone it is a "BLAHBLAHBLAH Zone".

This is my reading glasses holder. I had to get a separate pair of glasses for my computer screen. I made Alfredo Carbunza in 1967 in ceramics to hold my glasses on my nightstand. He's been dropped a few times over the years and needs a nose job. Of course, a real cubicle desk always has a Big Gulp (or coffee) and snack food on it.

This is the right wall of my cubicle. My "Greeting Gumby", "Hello Hand" and "Friendly Frog" say "HI!" to visitors.

This is the right wall's posters and pictures. Monkabee Moo, The Moo King, Groucho Bunny, drawings by my students, etc.

This is my "dual screen monitor" set up I finally figured out how to do last semester. How did I live without it??? I found a Thomas Kinkade Godzilla picture that makes a dandy screen saver. Of course NO ONE can live without post-it notes and neon frogs even with two monitors.

It's still a work in progress. I might need a shelf for stuff. I thought about bringing my stuffed armadillo but it might make people think I'm weird.


elizabeth said...

Glad for this and glad for your sense of humour... :)

Chocolatesa said...

Those cookies look good! I like your desk :) Mine is pretty mundane compared to that :)

CJ said...

I think your incorrupt balloon deserves a more honorable place.

Chocolatesa said...

"Incorrupt balloon" Bwahahahaha!!!

Steve Robinson said...

Incorrupt balloon! AWESOME! I hope someone doesn't try to steal a relic off of it. :)

Michael said...

I don't understand why so many people think living in a monk's cell is extreme when so many of them work so many days of their lives in a cubicle smaller than that cell!

Steve Robinson said...

Michael, Most of us wouldn't make it as monastics and monastery drama, most monastics wouldn't make it in a cubicle with office drama. We just have different asceticisms.

Anonymous said...

Bring the armadillo--would give a lot of style to the place that cannot be given any other way.

Editor Cassandra said...

I love all the Gumby's!

amy said...

Love it!! and, thank you. This entry made me giggle..and it's been a tough day of sorrow; I really needed it.

God's Blessings to you!

Zemkarlos said...

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