Friday, November 22, 2013

A Dimly Burning Candle....

...He will not extinguish. A bent reed, He will not break. (Isaiah 42:3)

...a thief hung next to a Man beaten beyond recognition and yet recognized something in Him that was a hope beyond his wildest dreams. He had nothing to lose by asking. Given the situation, he didn’t have many options left, really. He took the chance of his life.

Sure the thief staked his life on it, but it was not much of a life at that point. He was pretty well used up, beaten up and dumped on the trash heap of humanity: human trash hanging on a cross outside the city, worthless to anyone for anything ... except God. So he offered up his last and only gift, his last ditch hope against hope that this other hopeless case next to him was who He claimed to be and His word was good.

He was, and His word was.

(Excerpt from "Fire from Ashes" that I received notice will be published in June, 2014)


jamesthethickheaded said...

Congrats on the pub date! Love it! And mostly love the 'by accident' bit. As if!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Steve. When Boggie dropped in the other day, he said, "Of course, you'll always have Phoenix... but you knew that, didn't you?" I said, "Uh... no I didn't, but just in case I missed something...aren't you dead already?" He pushed back, "Yeah, but what of it? Life isn't a hill of beans y'know." And that's something to think about... or not... which is more what I'm doing... 'cause y'know... I'm all about that other seat of being. "Oh... the heart bit?" "Uh... no... the seat by the TV." "Hmmmmm."

And with that, I'm off to check out the Toll Houses... as in Chocolate Chips. Best to you and yours!

amy said...