Sunday, March 06, 2005


Life is pretty much a ditto of a couple posts ago.

A conversation I never thought I'd have standing in my kitchen. You can listen in....

My wife: The hospice nurse came by today. We talked about my dad wetting his bed 3 times a night. She showed me a "Texas Catheter". Its an external catheter we can put on him.

Me: Hmmm.... didn't know they made something like that.

Thomas (who lives with us and helps with Dad): I saw those when I worked in nursing homes.

My wife: Yeah, its like a condom with a tube attached with a bag at the end. The nurse showed me how to put it on.

Me: hmmm... did it go?

My wife: Well.... you just never dream that you'd be putting a condom on your father.

Me: Thomas, you've put condoms on before haven't you?

Thomas: Not on another man....

Me: Why do they call it a Texas Catheter?

My wife: I don't have a clue.

Me: Well, if I ever get like that be sure you order a Rhode Island Catheter....

Thomas turns red while my wife has to sit down in a chair exhausted from laughing.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

good to see you have both kept your sense of humour in such an emotionally difficult time :-)

Unknown said...

Oh s-p, God knows how I love you! Truly you and your dear wife are saints for what you are doing to care for your father-in-law. It is truly God's gift that you still have your sense of humor and have not given into the despair.

May He bless you all with joy and continued laughter and above all, His love and peace.

Rusty said...

I love reading this blog (when I can get to it) especially this latest post. God bless you.