Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Wow! You sure are cussable!

An "attaboy" to the first person who can tell me who said that.

Anyway, I'm sitting here on my other computer waiting for a "data recovery" program to scan my hard drive on my new computer that crashed last night. No, I didn't have a backup...I have a back up of THIS computer but not my new one. I lost about two months worth of radio programs, files and research etc. not to mention all my programs and software I installed for the radio show studio. Oh well...I don't have Bill Gates home phone number to ask him why Windows XP crashed on me after only 8 weeks of using it.

Other than that, life is still as hectic as a one armed wallpaper hanger (that's construction lingo). I had two full time jobs and 7 "side jobs" last week. I worked on an NFL player's house referred by a Diamondbacks pitcher I've worked for, the widow of a former US Senator, and the grand daughter of the founder of Ping golf clubs, and a couple just ordinary rich people and Safeway grocery store's corporate headquarters. But you know what? Drywall and paint is still drywall and paint no matter where the house is and who lives in it or what they do for a living. I treat all my clients the same way whether they live in a trailer or a 20,000 sq ft. house on a hillside. And I do the same quality work for both.

That just makes my life easier to have one facade instead of many, and it keeps me sane not having to remember how awestruck to act at someone's credentials or job or the cost of their doorknobs.

I just viewed the post and I have NO idea how and why those words got underlined.


jessenicholas said...

Does it have anything to do with Walk Kelley's Pogo comic strips? And to answer your question in lieu of you encountering Bill Gates (who would make more money in the time it takes to talk to you than we both make in a lifetime)... Your new XP crashed so soon because it is built to. It comes standard with instabilities, missing plugins, incompatibilities, pop ups, back doors, and yes, viruses. I don't want to sound elitist here but I have yet to experience any sort of crash that resulted in a data loss from my time using Apple. I can count the times it's crashed on one hand. There's still time. Get out while you can.

Mimi said...

For me, computers are like cars - I don't want to understand, I just want it to work when I need it too.

s-p said...

Attaboy, Jesse! Yep. Pogo. I didn't think you were paying attention when you were 3. Yeah... Apples are tempting.