Saturday, October 08, 2005

Waiting for Tires

I dropped off a couple tires at Discount Tire because I got a citation from the city for having two flat tires on my 1959 Chevy pickup. Actually the two flat tires were the most attractive part of the truck. It needs paint real bad. Instead of waiting for an hour and reading old issues of Sports Illustrated, Car and Driver, and Women's Day I decided to run home and catch up on computer stuff for a minute, answer email, check out a half dozen blogs I check into whenever I can and perhaps make a pithless know who you are... OK, did that and I have ten minutes before I have to go back and pick up the tires, put them on the truck and then take my daughter to her "belt test" at the karate place.

I did karate for a little over a year back in the mid '70's when Kung Fu and Bruce Lee were popular. I did it because I worked at a boy's home with violent kids. My first month there I had to tackle a 12 year old who had a baseball bat and was beating the walls in the house. Fortunately he was big but slow and it was in front of all the kids. The mythology that grew around that take down over the years was interesting. Now, this was BEFORE I took lessons, but I soon began and the kids kind of tweaked the chronology and soon it was being told to the new kids that I was a black belt and did a flying wheel kick and broke the baseball bat and took him down. I allegedly had hands so fast I could take your left eye out, show it to your right eye and give you a heart attack and kill you that way. Reality was, I took lessons and, yeah, I was pretty good. I was matched against a black belt in a dojo match. I was an orange belt. I scored the first two points and humiliated him. He broke my knee and was disqualified. I won but still have a bad knee and only an orange belt. The quotable quote from my karate instructor:
"There's no such thing as a humble black belt...its all an act." hmmmmm....
Gotta go pick up my tires.


Elizabeth said...

This is awesomely funny. I bet you didn`t have many problems with them after that takedown ?

Meg said...

At least if you ae ever in a position to become a monastic, you won't have to worry about becoming a humble black belt. /snerk/

s-p said...

Actually when you have a "rep" some kids just wanted the badge that said they tried. Its kinda like in go after the baddest guy and even if you get beat everyone thinks you are insane and won't mess with you. Human wierdness is doubled in mental institutions.

I dunno about the no worries about humility thing. My experience with most men in black is you put is in a black belt OR robe we have humility problems. :(

olympiada said...

Hello Steven
I appreciate the practical nature of your blogs...Do you have any experience with soldering? I am putting the call out for help. It's kind of funny. I got broken wiring in my head and broken wiring in my daughter's toy...hardy har har. Thanks for investing in me. I appreciate it.

Philippa said...

My son took Tang Soo Do for many years. He is a first degree black belt. His Sa-bam was an amazing coach. Taught the boy a lot!

s-p said...

Hi Oly...the wiring in the doll is doable, the wiring in your head....welllll, I have screws loose that no one can seem to tighten. I sent a soldering lesson "off blog". To tighten screws, its "righty-tighty, lefty loosey". :)

Philippa...the names of martial arts cracks me up. I tell people I studied "Procto-lo-fu". Instead of the "Five fingers of death" I perfected the one finger of slight discomfort. :)

Mimi said...

Tee hee!