Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Guess the Answer is

No. My daughter asked me a couple weeks ago if we could get a tree before Christmas eve this year. It's December 22 and no tree in sight yet. I've been working 16 hour days to finish projects before Christmas and get some money to make up for another 10,000.00 hit I'm taking on a big remodel. Two in one year is REALLY hard to recover from. We already refinanced the house to take up the slack for the last one. Sigh.... 25 years in business and no major problems, I guess I'm getting them all on my silver anniversary.


Mimi said...

Sigh, S-P, I'm so, so sorry to hear.

olympiada said...

Hi Steve. I bought my daughter a living tree this week. Hallelujah.
Hey I have some new friends who are Protestant converts. I am sending them your way. The man' name is George if you hear from him. I am going to send him to the EV-OR group as well.

s-p said...

Hi Oly,
We bought living trees several years and a couple of them are over 20 feet tall now. One year we bought a tangerine tree and decorated it and planted it. I'm looking for a money tree this year. :)