Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to me....

Actually my birthday was on Wednesday and I got a box of Cinnamon Roll and S'mores Poptarts from some friends. I'm sitting here waiting for my college aged kids to arrive so I can take them all out for dinner for my birthday. (Take note parents....)

It occurred to me that in 362 days I can move into a "Senior Trailer Park" in Apache Junction.

Imagine, living large for 3,000.00. Heck, I could charge my house on a VISA card! .... and I can order from the "Senior Menu" at Denny's. The thing I'm living for is the twenty five cent coffee at McDonalds. Of course those aren't the only benefits of surviving the 60's, EST, and 80's music. I'm trying to remember what they are....

You know what... I'm going to have to think about that, the kids are here and I'm going to have the experience that all parents live for: sharing a pitcher of beer with your kids.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday !
Chronia Polla!
Mnogaya leta!
Many, many , many Years , s-p!

Meg said...

What she said.

But please, please tell me you aren't seriously planning to move to a Seniors' trailer park!

Catrin said...

Many Years!

Seconding Megs question!

Grace said...

Many years! Oh,wait ... you've already HAD those.

(smirk) Well, someone had to say it.

Are you an EST survivor or was that just a reference to the messed-up psycho stuff that was going down in the 70s?

jessenicholas said...

You don't have to wait for the 25 cent coffee. From 5-7am it's free for anyone. I'm assuming you're up that early anyway.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Grace!
Be it known that his grown children took all of US out to dinner, and our godson bought Cold Stone ice cream for all of us afterward. The tables have turned! Yay!
I told s-p that he can move in to that trailer if he wants to, as long as he keeps making the payments on our house here in Mesa, where Kenzie and I will be living with his two dogs. :-)

McKenzie said...

haha...i'm with'm not moving into some trailer when i have a house like this good bye to you daddy if you really want to do that, but i'm NOT right behind you on this one.

love ya!