Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So, I called my friend who is VERY politically active.
"H", I said, "This is Steve, I need some political advice!"
"WHAT??? Who is this really??"
"No, its me...I'm at the polls..."
"Who is this???"
"Really, its me, Steve. So I'm here and there's all these signs on the sidewalk out front. One says "VOTE AQUI"... and I don't see anyone named "AQUI" on the ballot, what do you know about this guy?"
And I hang up.

Really, I've never voted. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Yeah, we
"get to vote" for our evils, but the beauty of the democratic system is one of them will be elected and neither will be grossly evil, just evil enough to be in politics.

So... I don't vote. And I don't bitch.
This blog is a political free zone.


John said...

"So... I don't vote. And I don't bitch."

You're a better man than me, s-p!

Anonymous said...

ok. so you don't vote. whatever. but (not trying to get all like BLEH!!! on ya) just think that if no one voted there would be no goverment and if there was no government there wouldn't be any safety or education or anything that "helps" us in out lives. like i was saying the other night...CHAIN REACTION!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like father like son = I don't vote either.
Not like father = I reserve my right to bitch all I want.

- Jesse