Monday, November 13, 2006

What 50,000.00 Buys Your Kid

We got an emergency call on Wednesday. The custom cabinet shop had bought a broken down "Tuff Shed" for 700.00 and had to have it delivered as a finished play house on Saturday for an 8 year old's birthday party on Sunday. They were setting up the carnival on the estate and there would be 50 kids there. We got there on Thursday afternoon after the windows and exterior moldings were put on and began priming everything. We met the designer at 4:30pm and chose paint colors and made it to the paint store before they closed.

We returned Friday morning at dawn. This is the front of the shed with the new patio roof being intalled. We painted everything as it was being built or installed. I had to "cut in" straight lines on all the moldings with people walking on the roof and inside the shed. It is like trying to paint a straight line in an earthquake.

They delivered the front porch railing to us at 6:30pm to be painted.

The exterior was 75% done, the interior was just being started. It is dusk and we have to deliver the playhouse at 7:00am tomorrow. This is the owner of the cabinet shop and his foreman sweating.

We put a fan on to dry the paint on the inside faster. It is 10:30pm. and we put the final coat on the interior so the fabric installers can install the wall treatments at 4:30am.

We show up at the shop at 6am to final touch up then head to the estate to meet the shed. We are only allowed on this part of the 10 acre estate and 30,000 square foot house. This is the kids play area off of the play room. We don't venture into any other part of the yard because of the 15 person security staff and cameras constantly monitoring us.

TUFF SHED delivers the not so tuff shed...

Unloading from the trailer....Thomas and Jeremy on the left, and me (taking the picture) well, we're painters. That thing weighs much more than a paintbrush.

The back side of the playhouse.

The front porch is installed, and landscaping goes in...

Almost finished. The toys, furniture, etc. are being delivered and put inside. We're done with the touch up and head home. Happy birthday!


kenzy said...

ok dad...i ALWAYS!!!! asked for one of those!!! why didn't i get a play house that costs half the amount of our house????? huh??? gosh...i'm so deprived...:( hehe...ok that is one spoiled child. and i thought it was for the 11 year old? haha, dude i would play in that thing if i could...

Philippa said...

Gee and to think my parents wouldn't get me a minature kitchen set to play with. Boy oh boy, I coveted one of those.

And frankly, this expenditure makes me want to puke. Parents! We're a bunch of idiots sometimes.