Saturday, April 04, 2009

Move in Day

After a couple days of interior finishing and construction there is tons of dust to be removed before everything is moved in.
While the cleaning is going on, I finish the "gingerbread" on the iconstasis... and of course create more dust.
The choir gets moved.
The Reader's stand (kliros) gets set up.
All of the icons are brought over.
The iconostasis gets painted.
I get a helper who is a real painter... Yay!
A short break before vespers begins.
We start on hanging the icons, but the altar area is still in process and there are hours of work left to do, so the choir does a "reader's vespers" while the workers continue to work in silence.
Several people are working on setting up the altar area and cleaning the outside of the building where all the tools, saws, painting equipment and debris is still strewn about. All the tools have to be put away, the trash hauled and the debris picked up. A couple of us finished putting up the Festal Icons on the iconostasis. Not bad for a bunch of used doors and moldings that came up to less than 200.00.
I left after 9 pm. Father Damian was still there with several people finishing putting up the curtains for the Deacon's doors and altar and a few loose ends. Stay tuned for a video of our Reader's Vespers and a video tour of the building.

Tomorrow we have our first Divine Liturgy in our new Temple.

Glory to God.


Elizabeth said...

It is looking beautiful !

Cameron said...

Great work. Very excited for your parish community.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Outstanding! And very, er, cost-effective, too.

Congratulations to you, and glory to God.

Philippa said...

Steve, I am so thrilled that you guys were able to get this done by Pascha! That is just a miracle!

Sure, no half million needed in the bank but the back breaking labor and expertise you provided, not to mention all the others who contributed...that is more than half a million!

May God bless your mission and may He make it multiple 100 fold!

For His Glory forever!

Ranger said...

Looks great Steve! What a blessing. I was not able to find the aerial photo on your Mission's website, but I did find it on google earth. Blessings and many, many many years!

John said...

I am impressed. I have been following the progress all along. You and the mission are to be congratulated and commended. Glory to God!