Friday, June 05, 2009

How Could This Happen?

This is a news story today from my city, Mesa. Mesa is known as a conservative community, it has a Mormon Temple and probably more Mormon Churches and other Churches per square mile than any place else in Arizona. So, how does something like THIS happen here?

Has our culture, even in a city with a pervasive presence of "Christians", really come to a place that the influence and impact of Christianity (in the loosest definition of the term) is unfelt and unconsidered in such a fundamental decision regarding the definition of a human being?

Lord have mercy on us all.


Fr. Gregory Jensen said...

It all depends, I think, on what we mean by terms such as conservative and Christian. Too often the content of these terms (and others such as liberal or progressive or secular) are reflect my desire to follow, well, my own desires. In this case, what I am saying without really saying is that my politics or my religion are in the service of my own desire for power and control. Even in an Orthodox context, I can justify my own violence through an appeal to Tradition. So while what happened in Mesa saddens me it does not surprise me.

s-p said...

Hi Father, Yes, it is evidence that for all the politicization of abortion and surrounding issues, there seems to be a fundamental error. For all of the ink and air time and internet stuff the politicos have spent on the issue, someone in an institution (the police department) that functions somewhat in the sphere of "moral compass" in society still didn't connect the dots. I know it is one person, not everyone in the police department, and in a more global picture, it is no worse than a million other headlines that reflect human obliviousness to the image of God etc., but it is indeed sad. I doubt that we'll get a follow up, but I hope the education process the department will go through will result in people who will truly consider the nature of a human being and not just shrug their shoulders and say, OK we have a new department policy if we ever come across this situation again. That would be scary, not just sad.