Thursday, June 11, 2009

Man as Meat

The deserts of Nevada were filled with death, they are also filled with sex for sale. Sex and death are at the core of the human struggle with isolation and the death of union. At the edge of the desolate parking lot of the "Playmate Ranch" was a row of yellow flowers. No matter how far from God we run, no matter how desolate and dry our existence is, there is always a sign of Life. Visit a whore house with me HERE.


Sophocles said...


I saw somewhere you mention that you will be traveling to St. John of Shanghai again. If so, will you be traveling through Las Vegas again? You should have passed by the shop your last outing for some good grub and to meet me and my brothers.

Let me know.

s-p said...

Hi Sophocles, The trip last month was a last minute arrangement and I remembered you were in Vegas about the time I hit Death Valley...dang. On the trip this month we'll probably go the non-stop quick route through LA due to time constraints and a carload of passengers we'll have. Some day, brother!

Fr. Christian Mathis said...

Thanks for this podcast Steve. Just got around to listening to it this morning and really liked it. It seems I have been listening instead to older

Your thoughts on the "Ranch" are dead on. I also recently watched "The Wrestler" and agree that Mickey Rourke should have received more credit. Pretty amazing film.