Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Ten Month Marathon Begins...

I'm back to "work"... well, my job that pays a regular paycheck with benefits. 

Annual checkup.  I hate it when the doctor plays Queen when he's doing my prostate exam.

Two biopsies that got infected.

Admin at work decides to migrate email servers and reconfigure and update all of our computers the week before school starts... one of the most email/website/software intense times of the year.  #yeahiknowfirstworldproblem

Finishing construction projects the day before school starts. 

Dead battery.  My third "Die Hard" that died under warranty.  Free replacements. Yay.

Discovered I'm allergic to neosporin/triple antibiotic... after 3 visits to the doctor, which would also account for four other "infections" I've gotten and spent over 2000.00 to cure in the past 15 years.

The joints of my fingers actually hurt from cutting and pasting Excel spreadsheet data my first day back on the job.  I guess that beats a back injury from cutting and lifting sheetrock.

Sushi with Daughter #1 for the first time in ages.  I don't know where she got "workaholic" from.... Hm.

Biopsies were negative.  Still not sure how I really feel about that.

Cholesterol is up to 285. I'm supposed to eat oatmeal instead of Sausage McMuffins for breakfast and fish instead of pulled pork from now on. Um... yeah....

A busy last couple weeks.  

Long day tomorrow.  Again.

Good night. 


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

What?!?! Biopsies negative, and you're not sure how you feel about that?

Anam Cara said...

I love it when things die just before the warranty expires - then you get a whole new one and the clock starts over!

There are still a few days left of the Dormition fast to practice oatmeal and fish... :)

Now, here's an idea. Instead of fasting on Wednesday and Friday from meat, just think of it as fasting on Mon-Fri and you can still have your Sausage McMuffin and pulled pork on Sat and Sun.

Wonderful that you found out about your allergy! Ditto what Anastasia said.

VSO said...

dang doctors!

Anonymous said...

Pan sear pepper-crusted tuna steak and cover it with herb butter. You may not miss the pulled pork so much! Of course, the doc may not approve of the herbed butter, but he can't have everything, can he?

frd+ said...

Sausage McMuffins= High Cholesterol= Myocardial Infarction= No more sushi with daughter.

s-p said...

No sausage OR sushi?? I dunno FrD, some things just aren't worth it. :)

あじ said...

285 is not a meaningful number. HDL and triglycerides are meaningful numbers. LDL is sort of meaningful. 285 just says, "lots of cellular repair going on," and perhaps, "lots of overtime being clocked in the liver."

I suppose the doc has you on drugs with wonderful side effects like launching attacks on your muscles, joints, or memory? So far I've just refused my doc's prescription, not least because I'm learning to get pretty belligerent when informed consent goes out the window. (Plus I saw what these drugs did to my grandfather, and that's a genetic risk I'm not taking in my 30's.)

On the bright side, changing my diet dropped my total by almost 100 points. My last test was still higher than 285, but I'm pretty sure the downward trend will continue.

I look forward to eating sushi someday with my children. But first my wife needs some sushi, after the baby is born. Apparently pregnant women aren't supposed to eat raw fish, at least if they're American.

s-p said...

Nathan, I refused medication too. My mother's cholesterol hovers around 300 and she's 85 with no history of heart problems etc. Her doctor says her ratios are good. I'll probably eat a little better anyway. No meds... Drywall work has already attacked my joints, muscles and brain cells. :)

Going to dinner with your kids is cool. It is a mind bender the first time they say, "Hey Dad, do you want to go out for a beer?"... then pick up the tab.