Friday, February 20, 2009

Dome Update

Today I finished putting the "ribs" in the dome of the Church. It is ready for wire lath and plaster after our rough framing and electrical inspections next week. For perspective on size, that is Anthony, one of the men from the homeless shelter that Fr. Damian and I pray daily Vespers and teach Bible study at on Thursday nights. (He's not that tall, he is standing on the deck of the loft that will be removed after I do the plastering.) They sent four men over to help with insulation and electrical work today.

Javier started on the framing of the altar area. There will be a 6' high by 9' wide wall that will go up to the 14 foot ceiling behind and over the altar for an icon of the Panagia. The blacked out areas are large windows that the wall will cover. The side windows that angle upward will be on either side of the altar and will stay for natural light into the Church.

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