Friday, February 13, 2009


The FDA just approved a new drug for the chronically happy. YAY!


Abe said...

This sickens me; and yet knowing it will help others gladdens me.

Mr. Giggles

Philippa said...

Brilliantly done!!

Almost bought it hook line and sinker.

November In My Soul said...

Very funny. I remember the fisrt time I ever hear someone say "Cool beans!!!!!!" Just such a much too perky person. A sweetheart but too perky.

s-p said...

NIMS, Yeah, I thought it was interesting they picked up on that phrase, the first time I heard it was from a chronically perky person too. Funny as it was, I've found the reality is the perkiness is a coping mechanism and sometimes masks a lot of pain, the alternative is indeed despondency. Brokenness doesn't always manifest itself in depression, drugs and obvious "destructive" behavior. sigh.