Saturday, February 28, 2009

Drywall Helpers to the Rescue!

The drywall hanging began in earnest today. About 10 people came today and helped put up about 50 sheets of drywall on the ceilings and walls in the lower parts of the nave while Javier and I did the more complicated and difficult parts (being trained professionals and all that). God bless those guys, most of them tap keyboards and click mouses for livings... and even I was sore after today, so I can imagine how they felt at Vespers tonight. But the "Glory to God" and "WOW" factor of building a Church is worth the pain.

This is the ceiling above the altar and we're beginning the sheetrock the area behind the altar between the windows where the Platytera Icon will go (not the one in the link per se)

This is the area behind the altar viewed from up high from the back of the nave, the dome is not quite finished being plastered yet.

And this is the dome and high window on the back wall of the nave viewed from the altar area.


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

It's looking very good, and I've so enjoyed following your (rapid!) progress. Please continue keeping us posted and keep illustrating the work, too.

Fr. Christian Mathis said...

nice job so far Steve! I hope you got to rest a bit today.

Anonymous said...

Is there an electrical outlet on one side of the dome?

s-p said...

vagueperson, yes that is an electrical box for the chandelier. We also have 3 large eyehooks along the lower rim of the dome (one right next to the box) from which we will suspend the chandelier (when we get one), the wire for the electricity will be woven into the chain. We figured that will be better than an electrical box and chain dangling out of Christ's forehead on the Pantocrator that will be in the dome.

Fr. James Early said...


I'm having a lot of fun watching your progress on your church temple. It's almost like being there. Keep the reports coming!

Philippa said...

I can NOT believe how quickly this is going! Wonderful job!