Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Details, Details

One of the structural issues was holding up the high part of the building when we remove the loft area below the dome. We have four structural columns in the middle of the nave area holding up some beams that are holding up the building. Necessary, but ugly.

Just wrapping them with drywall seemed pretty boring. Last night before The Great Canon of St. Andrew I had an idea. This morning we drove around looking for what I had imagined and found it. We went to the Church and started cutting and nailing leftover plywood and lumber from the dome

...and made some arches to go between the columns and under the beams... the wood ceiling behind Javier is the deck that will be removed that will open the ceiling up to the dome.
This is the quarter inch Sheetrock (bender board) being installed on the radius.
This is the cornerbead and flexible arch bead installed
...and then mudded with the coup de grace installed: Precast concrete corbles I found for only 20 bucks each!

I've used carved wooden ones before on this same detail and they run about 150.00 each. When these are painted you won't know the difference.
This is the view of the left side of the nave from the altar area. Each column will have a corble/arch detail.


Fr. James Early said...

Ingenious! It's going to look great.

Teri Anna said...

Yup, Fr. James is right. You're a genius.

Mimi said...

I'm going to third the "you are a genius" comment. It looks great.

Ranger said...

I don't want you to get a big head during lent, so I just want to thank you for posting your progress on this new church building. Our mission bought a building last April, and we have been slowly beautifying it. I will have to scan your blog next time we do anything major.
thanks, again, it looks great!

s-p said...

Thanks, Ranger, but my head gets big year 'round, I rarely fast from ego. sigh. Anyway, it is VERY cool to be able to build a "real Church" and make it up as we go. I'd be glad to kick around ideas if you guys need some advice or resources. (Heck, I'll even come there and work on it with you.)