Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mudding the Church

We passed our "nailing inspection" that makes sure the drywall was installed properly. Now we begin "mudding". This is the finishing of the drywall. I've been a drywall finisher for 26 years so this is my main skill. I'm running the "bazooka", putting the tape in the corners (angles, if you are in the trade), while Javier and Elijah put fiberglass tape on the joints. I'll coat those with that rectangular box you see leaning against the window. With the drywall taping tools I can do literally in a couple hours what would take two people all day to do.

Four hours later we've put about three hundred pounds of joint compound on the walls and have the lower half of the building taped and mudded.
Tomorrow we put a second coat on everything and we'll be ready for painting.
This is Father Damian in his "civvies" taking a break from cleaning the building out in preparation for painting the dome and ceilings tomorrow so we can move the scaffold out.

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