Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mr. Panos Explains

For those who are inextricably tangled up in the Ortho-web-blogosphere lately and are having difficulty understanding the relationship of the Greek culture to the Church (you know who you are and what I'm talking about...), I've found a couple of Youtube videos in which Mr. Panos explains "all things Greek". I hope these help.

Mr. Panos Explains The Greek Culture

Mr. Panos Explains Greek Easter


Sophocles said...

Mr. Panos says it very well. As his fellow Greek I endorse everythinghe says.

His theological training is evidently top notch and his repentance and humility shine forth in his presentation.

I'm thinking of asking His Eminence to commission an icon of him.(I'ved already begun asking his intercessons).

Thanks for a good laugh Steve!

s-p said...

Sophocles, I have to admit it was with a little fear and trepidation that I posted these, but being "ethnic" myself I know that I can say things about being Chinese that you "round eyes" can't and Black and Hispanic comedians can parody their cultures and say worse things than "white guys" and its hilarious and they can get away with it. It actually takes a keen eye and some guts to self-parody and call out the national character. I remember I was working for a rich couple, the wife was white and the husband was Chinese. I was discussing a change with the wife and she asked how much more it would cost and I said, "More than a Chinaman will want to pay"... I turned around and he was standing right behind me. He just grinned and said, "You know it, buddy". If I was a round eye, he might have kicked me out of the house.
Anyway, I love stuff like this. Mr. Panos is one of the best I've seen.