Friday, March 20, 2009

The Necessary and the Frills

We're down to the "necessities"... things we have to do to get a "certificate of occupancy". Like the handicap access ramp and forms for the wheelchair accessible sidewalk dimensions.

And the 24 inch deep trench for the underground wire to get power to the building from the other side of this house. Fr. Damian wrestled a trencher for two days and only hit one water line.

But we're also continuing on the "gingerbread". We finished painting the interior lower walls and I installed the corbles on the arches.
Since they are concrete they need something to dress them up, so here is my first experiment with antiquing one of them.
If all goes well and we get the wiring, sidewalks, ramp, and doors installed this week we should be able to start worshipping in the building in about ten days. It won't be finished but it will be functional.


Dion Roddy said...

My wife and my newly adopted daughter will be in Phoenix for vacation at the end of April, just after Pascha. I really hope we can come visit on a Sunday and see the church in person. It's been great watching it develop via the internet. May God continue to bless your endeavor.

Gabriel said...

I can really dig the work Father Damian has been doing.

-C said...

You'll be in before Pascha!

s-p said...

Hi Dion! Good to hear from you, definitely keep in touch about your vacation schedule. -C...God willing and the City of Tempe building inspector willing. They can deny a certificate of occupancy on trivia. So far they've been pretty reasonable but these are the critical things. They don't care about domes and corbles, its the functional stuff that has to pass.