Monday, December 21, 2009

Orthograph #7 - Monastic Advice


Gentle heart said...

diIf you are running out of ideas, what about the "Paley Graph"? List of "modern day Orthodox writers referencing each other", where q=13 or something along those lines???

q=1 .. Alexander Schmemann
q=2 .. Georges Florovsky
q=3 .. Jaroslav Pelikan


s-p said...

GH, Whoa...above my pay grade! I flunked Algebra 101 in 1967. I thought Paley was a comet. :)

Gentle heart said...

Hahaha, Paley's comet :) Although, I can see an Orthosketch pun in that ...

looking forward to your Paley Graph! (Wikipedia it).


mwoerl said...

Standing isn't all that bad! I feel sorry for all those sitting in those uncomfortable pews! I remember my past, and keep expecting to hear "Pax vobiscum!"