Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fr. Meletios Webber on Priesthood and Spiritual Fathers, Part Two

In part two of the interview with Fr. Meletios Webber we discuss the role of the parish priest as spiritual father, crossing jurisdictional lines looking for a spiritual father, confession as counseling, penances, whether you have to take bad advice from a priest, does ordination make a priest clairvoyant, do we need a clairvoyant elder and much more.  Listen HERE


Athanasia said...

This, along with Met. Jonah's talk on untangling one's sins from the person who hurt you in order to forgive and feel compassion, is probably the most helpful thing I've ever heard in my life.

Thank you, Steve, for posting this. In all honesty, it has helped free me from some guilt and opened my eyes to something that was spiritual harmful, which I did not realize quite to the extent that I do now. I may write you privately about that. I've not decided yet.

God bless you brother. Today you and Fr. M saved me by this podcast.

s-p said...

Athanasia, I'm glad Fr. Meletios was not afraid to answer the hard questions (I discussed the list of questions and topics with him beforehand and he didn't cut any of them). Even though the discussion was necessarily in generalities, his wisdom gets to the heart of so many issues. I'm glad you benefited from the conversation. Feel free to email me anytime.