Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How to Shop for Groceries Like a Christian

THIS is hard stuff, who is game to give it a try?
When you've mastered that, you can try dining out like a Christian.
H/T: Silouan


Huw Raphael said...

My Grandpa when out with us one Sunday after Church. We were in the South where Sunday Dinner is a major rush for eateries (maybe in other places too...)

Over a lovely dinner he said, "Look at all these Nice Christian People who won't work on Sunday - but have no problems making other people do so." It stuck with me for the last 30 years.

Adam Sheehan said...


These are NOT pithless thoughts. ; )


Melanie said...

if only I could drive like a Christian...

Athanasia said...

The worst person I ever saw when it came to the lack of patience shown at a restaurant was the former pastor of the Baptist church I attended.

It drives my daughter nuts, but I always engage the cashier in a conversation and work extra hard to be nice and patient with them no matter how much in a hurry I may be. They have a thankless job and I don't need to help them feel more 'thankless.'

Arsenios said...

S-P, I'm continually impressed with your ability to find other blogs that are just full of pith. This post watered my eyes a little and lifted my soul a lot. Thanks for linking to it.

s-p said...

Athanasia, the most embarrassing times I have had at restaurants have been with clergy, both individually and in groups. I have often hung back and apologized to the waitresses and/or left a MUCH bigger tip than was on the table after they left.

Huw, I've taught my kids some "life lessons" at restaurants that they still talk about. (BTW, love your new avatar).

Melanie, fortunately driving is not a hotbed of "passions" for me. I don't get road rage at all.