Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Where I've Been

for the last couple weeks....
Busy. Too busy. But we had Hospice offer us a respite care for my father in law and put him up in a nursing home for 6 days. I took my wife and kids to Santa Fe for a visit to Holy Trinity Orthodox Church's consecration and the elevation of Fr. John to "archpriest". Afterwards I kidnapped my wife and I took her to Colorado Springs instead of home. It took her 135 miles to realize we were going in the opposite direction of Albuquerque. We spent the next 4 days sightseeing and driving Colorado. Here is one panoramic vista thanks to Canon's "photostich". It is Trout Lake on top of the Rockies. A good time was had by all. Now back to reality....

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Next Best Thing

For background on this photo see my post on "Pop Tarts" in the archives to the left.

They don't make a "Pop Tarts" baking set, so my oldest daughter and step son bought me my own Twinkie making operation. I'm set. Its Pop Tarts now, Twinkies are next. Believe me.

Yeah, its a slippery slope folks, and yes, it CAN happen here even in America, ESPECIALLY in America! When Kelloggs, the world's largest purchaser of refined sugars, refined flour and preservatives starts making noise that they are going to make their products "healthy", can Hostess be far behind?

No, you say? WAKE UP, PEOPLE! The folks who grew up eating granola and rolling in the mud at Woodstock in a purple haze catching an STD now control all the major junk food manufacturers. "Healthy" is the new PC buzzword in food and yes, if people will screw with Pop Tarts, they'll mess with Twinkies in a heart, heart attack......whatever. Yeah, we'll be seeing brussel sprout filled Twinkies, yogurt Twinkies, organic bok choi Twinkies, kobi beef Twinkies (now, THAT's not a bad idea... medium rare, please), where was I...oh yeah, and if they mess with the INSIDE, just think what they will do with the OUTSIDE of them. Oh the horror, the horror! Instead of sponge cake, stone ground wheat pita, oat bran waffles, seven grain sesame seed covered flat bread?

Yeah, I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more! I'll make my own Twinkies and I'll sell them on the internet to the faithful...
You think I won't?

I have a bake set, Hostess...mess with Twinkies and just watch me.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Its Finally Official

I am happily married. Actually, I've been happily married, but having lost 4 wedding rings in 13 years on construction sites, in buckets of mud and in the grass cleaning tools in client's garden hoses, my wife started getting suspicious. lasted quite a while and it was a 6 dollar silver band that had worn down to almost nothing and my hands have swollen so much from work I had to cut it off with some tin snips one day at work. But, I've been without a ring for almost a year now...but not any more. She bought me one for Christmas. Stainless steel with a gold band. And it fits...for now. So, yes sweetie, we are happily married. Always have been, always will. With or without a ring to prove it.