Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Think I'm Going to Join

I think they are nearly Orthodox...They have cataphatic and apophatic theology, negation, their own liturgical language, experiential relationship with the Deity, transformation of the human person, priesthood, and mysticism. All they are missing is the 8 Tones, Octoechoes, and the 8th Day, but they aren't far from that and apparently very open to the concept .

Say Hebbo! from Torvakian on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Out of the Basement

About six years ago we moved my Father in law in with us when he was dying of progressive supraneural palsy. He was not able to walk up and down steps so we moved into the basement of our house and let him have our master bedroom/bathroom area for his "apartment". His bathroom was right above our bed. We slept in sewage more than once, and had to pull up the carpet in our room. We never replaced it and we just covered our bed with plastic because of the potential for future floods. Gil passed away and I told my wife I'd remodel the master bedroom for her before we moved back in. Unfortunately in the past three years I've taken some big hits financially and money for carpet, a new mattress and bed, moving the closet door, and not to mention the TIME to do it all just wasn't there. But a few months ago I happened on an estate sale and got a magnificent "California-king" 4 poster bed frame and night stands for 400.00. A few weeks ago we found a virtually brand new 1,200.00 mattress on Craig's list for 200.00. I had a job last week at a house where they pulled up nearly new and VERY nice carpet and they gave it to me. And I got paid, AND I had 3 days off. So, I retextured, painted, moved the closet door and rewired the lights, put in 5 inch Victorian baseboard, Bill (my radio buddy) laid the carpet for us, I bought curtains, a new light, bedding, lamps and we moved upstairs Sunday night.

My wife is a saint for living in a ten by twelve brick bare walled room with a concrete floor for so long. Baby, this bed's for you.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

I recently did an interview with Kevin Allen of "The Illumined Heart" podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. The topic was "lay ministry in the Orthodox Church". From age six as a Roman Catholic, I always believed I would be a priest. Fifty one years later, it hasn't happened either in the Catholic Church, the Episcopal Church (I left before they "discerned me") or the Orthodox Church (I came THIS close...). I did a three year stint as a protestant minister almost 30 years ago, but got fired. So after nearly 40 years as a "lay minister" in various contexts, I figured heck, why not do the interview. Kevin asked some good questions. Its HERE.