Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Bike

Craigslist motorcycles is like shopping porn. I found a newer model of the same bike I had but with only 1800 miles on it. Basically, I sold my old bike with unknown miles and a 25 year old motor for about what I paid for the new one. I rode it stock for a couple months then got "mod fever" again. I've always liked WWII military bikes. Steve McQueen jumping barbed wire fences on a Triumph T-60 trying to elude the Nazis in "The Great Escape" was the quintessential cool when I was twelve.

So, with a couple cans of Rustoleum spray paint, a 1973 "Water Buffalo" fender that I chopped, a couple pieces of copper tubing for struts, an ammo can, a vintage European front license plate from Ebay, and a paratrooper pack, for under a hundred bucks and a few afternoons, I have my "McQueen Cool" bike 50 years later.