Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Bike

Craigslist motorcycles is like shopping porn. I found a newer model of the same bike I had but with only 1800 miles on it. Basically, I sold my old bike with unknown miles and a 25 year old motor for about what I paid for the new one. I rode it stock for a couple months then got "mod fever" again. I've always liked WWII military bikes. Steve McQueen jumping barbed wire fences on a Triumph T-60 trying to elude the Nazis in "The Great Escape" was the quintessential cool when I was twelve.

So, with a couple cans of Rustoleum spray paint, a 1973 "Water Buffalo" fender that I chopped, a couple pieces of copper tubing for struts, an ammo can, a vintage European front license plate from Ebay, and a paratrooper pack, for under a hundred bucks and a few afternoons, I have my "McQueen Cool" bike 50 years later.


Drewster2000 said...


I like you. Thanks for posting. I hope you someday begin regular posts again, but I'm old enough to know things change and some things go away; they might return, they might not. But here's hoping. You always have wisdom to share.


P.S. The motorcycle is nice, but your love of it is more endearing.

Abraham said...

That is damn cool. Good work.

Fr. Stephen Lourie said...

Sweet, be safe.