Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orthograph #90 - True Confessions #4


Anonymous said...

The qualification for council in my parish was saying "Uh, I guess, if I have to."

Parish Council should not be aspired to. Nor attempted.

s-p said...

Yep. Parish council should be like ordination, anyone who REALLY WANTS it shouldn't be it... but then again neither should people who REALLY don't want to be there. After 11 years on councils its nice when the PC is made up of sane people, and the PC, priest etc. are on the same page and can work together.

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky: pretty much everybody in our parish is sane.

As proof, consider the following: In the last week, we have tripled the icons permanently installed in the nave (a huge project), put in a new parking lot, and held our 25th Parish Anniversary celebration (which the priest left early with acute appendicitis), all without a single strangulation!

Seriously, a great bunch of people.
But my back still hurts.

Michael said...

Anonymous scripsit:

I'm lucky: pretty much everybody in our parish is sane.

Well, that's a good sign. When you get to the point where you think everybody else is insane, chances are you're the one who will need help. Welcome to my world.