Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Theology Matters - WARNING: NSFBS*

* Fr. Joseph Huneycutt's Blog Post Rating System: Not Safe for Bible Study

H/T to Anonymous commenter


Jamie said...

NSFBS...I was sure the last two letters were for something else. ;)

VSO said...

Good thing I wasn't drinking anything or my monitor would be covered in it right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I have a great joke to insert here, but it's a visual.

That's hilarious.

s-p said...

VSO, Definitely not PC so I thought you'd appreciate it. :)
Anon 3:52, email the joke and maybe I can cartoon it. (I've actually downloaded a freeware stop frame animation program I'm going to start playing with... Ortho-toons may be coming to a theater near you!)

Ranger said...

I'm pretty sure I saw this post before I noticed your rating. I was scandalized! ;)