Sunday, October 02, 2005

Too Much Life

Sheesh... where did the last two weeks go???
Mostly about a gazillion hours into work. Self employment is great as long as you can keep all of your clients happy. In construction that means showing up and doing something visible that they consider worth paying for and getting projects done on time. When you have 4 jobs that all have to be done in the same week, you just go from job to job and work until you get done. Fortunately (in a way) one of my clients is Safeway corporate headquarters and I can work there around the clock because they have 24 hour security guards on the premises. There are actually areas that the guards have to sit and watch us while we work. I guess they don't want us stealing the price of brocolli at next week's produce sale... seriously......

Then I come home and wrestle with my new computer. Installing a printer was a major battle.
Probably 12 hours worth of installing, uninstalling, surfing for drivers, updates, Windows help files, emailing tech support, trying solutions, taking the printer back to Comp USA and getting a new brand, then finding out I have the same issue with the HP that I had with the Epson... AAARRRGGHGHHHH!!!!! Go through that again, except HP's tech support got me hooked up finally.

Out of town a few days. Get off work, run to Tucson to speak at the College ministry (OCF) meetings two Tuesday nights. Then a visit to St. Paisius Monastery for the consecration of their new Church building's altar area. The footings were poured and the site is laid out for the Church. Bishop Longin was there and over 200 people/priests etc. I was privileged to be the "protosealerarch"...during the service I sealed the cannister that holds the relics, holy earth and oil that is embedded in the earth at the site where the altar will be. Now we begin construction!
Then a day trip to St. Anthony's Monastery in Florence to help drywall and finish the new bakery for the monastery. In between all that there's life in general, our new Mission, trying to figure out how to use my new production studio equipment and software for the radio program, recording and producing new programs, and trying to find some time to sleep.

My wife just left at 10:30pm to take our son and his friend back to Tucson. She'll be on the road until 3:00am after getting up this morning at 5:00am to fix food for our Mission agape meal/ coffee hour. Honestly, I pray she makes it back. I know I couldn't drive them, I fall asleep at the wheel in a heartbeat just driving in town. I fed my father in law, changed him and put him to bed. I need to go to bed.

Sometimes I think my life is just way too crazy. Tomorrow I only have two jobs to do. And a radio show to record and produce. A light day. Thank God.


Grace said...

Wow. I feel like taking a nap just reading about how hard you work! But the 'protosealerarch' thing sounds kind of incredible. How amazing to be wrestling with this-minute technology one day and carrying out a centuries-old tradition the next. What a life.

I'm glad to know that somewhere out there is a contractor with this much of a work ethic. I've about had it with the goofballs in my area. Feel like relocating to the Midwest? Lots of perks! Plenty of corn and soybeans! ;-)

Steve Robinson said...

Hi Grace,
Yeah, bouncing between monasteries and the techno world is kinda wierd sometimes. But even the monasteries have websites and email and cell phones now....THAT seems wierd.

Actually my wife and I are thinking about relocating after my father in law dies. She wants four seasons. I have 25 years of "blue sky" here. 25 years in business with an unlisted phone number and no advertising, and more work than I can conceivably handle. The thought of starting over again is intimidating. But then I hear your kind of comments all the time. I guess it wouldn't take long to get a reputation in a new town.

existentialist said...

My goodness sp you are really pouring your life out for Christ.
Hey can you give me the link to that yahoo discussion group on evanglicals and orthodox again? I think I need it.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

s-p, how on earth do you fit it all in ?
I am in awe at your time-management skills!

Anonymous said...

S-P, you are an inspiration...

By the way, when you install a printer - especially HP - the cable is MUCH more important than you can imagine. We had a cheap cable on our printer and it never worked right until someone told us to upgrade the cable - never had a problem after that. Worth remembering!