Sunday, November 20, 2005

Who Invented 24 Hour Days?

Its not enough. Of course my clients don't really care about how I spend my days as long as THEIR project gets done. I'm supposed to spend about 8 hours a day on 5 jobs I have going at any one time lately. I'm lucky if I get 3-4 hours a day on each of them, plus travel in between and all that other stuff like eating and sleeping in between. All the jobs are getting done but it doesn't matter how much I get done, unless my body is at their house they think nothing is happening. So I do my residential work in the daytime and my commercial work at night. The commercial projects are open 24/7 and as long as when they come to the office in the morning and see something different they don't care how long I was there the night before.

So I sleep in my car while I'm driving mostly. Those little catnaps at the intersections and on the long stretches of straight freeway help a lot. Well, I gotta try to get some sleep tonight. Last night between my father in law gagging, the phone call from Mt. Athos at 3:30am and then a call from someone at 4:30am wanting to know what time liturgy at our Mission starts, I didn't get much sleep. Goodnight all.


Grace said...

Youch! Well, as I've said before, if you weren't so far away, I'd hire you in a heartbeat -- the contractors in our area seem to be long on promises and short on delivery.

On the other hand, from the sound of it, I'm kind of glad you're not on the road anywhere near me.

Nighty night!

jessenicholas said...

God forbid you were to die on one of these "catnaps" I won't be able to help laughing at your funeral.

Steve Robinson said...

Jesse, I wouldn't blame you for laughing. So would Thomas who has to ride with wonder he's decided to become a monk, he's gotten a lot of practice in the "constant remembrance of death". :)

Mimi said...

no wonder he's decided to become a monk, he's gotten a lot of practice in the "constant remembrance of death". :)


I hope you've gotten a good sleep, the idea of having you gone in an auto accident is not a good one.