Saturday, April 29, 2006

The "No More Dogs" Dogs

Tuesday night (my wife on the phone to our kids in college): "I know you and McKenzie want another dog. She'll be gone in 4 years. Then we'll have them for another eleven years. I don't want any more pets. I want a clean house for a change. No more dogs."
Wednesday: "OK. I'll go to the pound and look with you."
Thursday at the Dog Pound with the black Lab: "Ohhhhhh...he's so sweet. He really likes McKenzie..."
15 Minutes later with the Australian Shepherd: "Ohhhh...she's so sweet. I REALLY like her...."
5 Minutes later: "Would you think I'm crazy....What do you think about getting them both?"
10 Minutes later with both dogs introduced to each other: "Oh look how well they get along!"
Meet Duke (Black Lab mix) and Maggie (White Australian Shepherd mix) and their pushover new "Mom".


jessenicholas said...

I see from the 2nd pic that you opted for the dog with the "death ray eyes" feature. A good choice. I think you'll find over time that the protection is worth the extra cost.

(Man. I need to get out of retail.)

Anonymous said...

They are both adorable...thus I conclude you are a sucker for a cute face. :o)

Will the Australian Shepherd drive you bananas with her energy and chasing drive?

One good'll miss McKenzie when she's gone and the dogs will fill in the lonliness.

Steve Robinson said...

Both of the dogs are pretty mellow. The lab licks incessantly and they both follow my wife around the house. Yeah, they're cute. Probably slightly beaten, they cringe and cower pretty easily. But they're settling in pretty quickly.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

They look very happy- and so does your wife !

Anonymous said...

I'm a complete sucker for a cute face, a forlorn face, a pitiful face, a needy face, a pleading hubby fits into at least one of those categories! Now we all know how I ended up with him. LOL :-)

Grace said...

What a great story! These two look like a couple of winners. I'm with jesse -- love the x-ray eyes.

Benedict Seraphim said...

Yep. Yer a sucker.

An' I'm proud of ya.

Catrin said...

You really had no choice you know... how could you avoid those death-ray eyes and cute faces?

They are adorable, and you have had a quiet, clean house long enough :)

Steve Robinson said...

hmmmm... OK, I'd like to think I was a "cute face", probably more like "pitiful and pleading"... but whichever it was, baby, I got you with it and that's all that counts. I ain't nothin' but a hound dog... :)

Kenzy said... need to write something on your bloggggggg!