Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Latest Cool Construction Project

I'm slowly remodelling a 70's Tudor style house for a family in Phoenix. Great clients and I'm resisting being a name'd recognize the family pedigree if I did. They took the kiddo's on vacation for a month while I took out the two inch oak spindle style bannister on the upstairs landing (where the kids live) and this is what we put in. I forgot my camera the first few days of demolition and setting the bottom rail and posts, but here it is "in process".

This is Thomas, my helper, on the ladder. He's afraid of heights too, but I'm the boss and he doesn't get paid if I fall off.

One of the issues was anchoring the system together with a 50 foot span. We ran the rails to the walls then anchored them and "buried" the rail in a newell post we built around it for structural integrity.

This is Thomas on the ladder.... again and again let us pray to the Lord!

This is the newell post drywalled.

...and finished.
And a view from below. We remodeled the entryway with this type of railing about 3 years ago. They decided the upstairs thin rails looked goofy, so we did this. I might post some pictures of the entry remodel in another post.


Meg said...

*Very* impressive! I'd wish you lived in New England, but I'm sure you'd hate it here, it's so humid.

I especially liked the newell post you constructed around the railing. It all looks so sturdy.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done!

Catrin said...

Beautiful work! AND I bet your height-dreading worker is still offering prayers of thanksgiving it's over :) I know something about fear of heights.

Pity you aren't closer to Indianapolis - but then again, it is very humid here as well.

Mimi said...

Gorgeous woodwork.

Grace said...

Man, what a bummer you're not near us. I would love to have someone working on This Old House who (a) knew what they were doing and (b) thought about how to keep that classic stuff going on. (sigh)