Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Year's Eve Party

Everyone is gone.

The last of the kids flew out this morning. My wife and daughter are in Pampa, Texas for a few days (yes the Pampa that was on Dateline last Friday night, and yes that was my step daughter, the team athletic trainer, helping the injured players off the field).

So, I'm here by myself on New Year's Eve. TIME TO PARRRR-TAY!

So I bought a frozen pizza, some Dos Equis Amber, a Sarah Lee cheesecake, 5 feet of half inch copper tubing, a new shower valve, two shut off ball valves so I can shut the water off to the basement bathroom without shutting down the whole house, 6 elbows and splices, flux, solder, pipe dope, and a torch. Seven hours later and one extra trip to Home Depot for threaded fittings for the shower mixer assembly and a 45 degree coupler.... No more leaky faucet!

I think my pizza is done. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Kenzy said...

yay! good for you daddy! lol...did you have fun buying ALL of that stuff just to fix that simple leak? lol...anyways. everything is well here. their new dog is SOOOOOOOOOO cute. (smaller than a football) haha. anyways. our new years was"fun" too. we just chilled and played games. teehee...well i guess i'll go and ill see you ....TUESDAY!!!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! My hero, Steve the plumber!


Anonymous said...

I hope your new year brings / A little more than frozen food / Such as a nice big plate of wings / A good cold beer to wash them down / Would put you in a happy mood / Even with loved ones out of town / The plumbing would not be a loss / It would be possible to eat / A wing and still repair a faucet / With a tangy tasty treat / Do not let your heart be troubled / Let the longneck be unbubbled / And the chickens' shoulders nubbled

Grace said...

Well, whatever turns you (or your faucet) on, right?

Actually, I'm trying like mad to figure out what I would have to do to get household plumbing chores to be MY husband's idea of a Major Party.

Steve Robinson said...

hmmmm... I dunno, Grace. What does YOUR husband do when you leave town for 4 days? I'm afraid my wife might decide if she takes off for a year the whole list might get done... :)