Monday, January 14, 2008

What is Wrong With This Picture?

No, it is not the cholesterol laden meatballs with sour cream, rolls and real butter.

Look closer.

You might think it is enough that we are constantly indoctrinated with post-modernism, relativism and humanism through movies, television, radio, music, art and magazines.

I'm eating supper and reach for KETCHUP...

On my supper table...lowly KETCHUP is now a billboard for the gospel of relativism and humanism: "YOU BE THE JUDGE" it teaches your children every time they pick it up. A small thing? Sure. But if you load enough pennies in a sack eventually it will weigh enough to crush someone.

I am reminded of a quote from "Platitudes Undone"

Holbrook Jackson writes: "No opinion matters finally: except your own."

to which GK Chesterton replies: "...said the man who thought he was a rabbit."


emily said...

Of course, you do realize that it's referring to a ketchup commercial contest where people can vote for the winner...

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
Yep. However with ALL advertising it taps into a core set of beliefs, a philosophical mindset or cultural agenda. Mottos or "tags" are not created in a vacuum and thus are not innocuous and without meaning or influence. For instance:
"Just do it"
"You deserve a break today"
"Have it your way"
"This changes everything"
"Indulge yourself"
"Its all about you"
"Where your opinion counts"
I could go on and on and on but the common thread is "the spirit of the age" and we are constantly bombarded with catch phrases that reinforce secular humanism, relativism and post modernism. The phrase on the ketchup bottle was not "Ketchup Contest!" It was a humanistic platitude that is shoved down the throats of millions of people every day in media. (Perhaps I should rephrase that...millions of people open their mouths and swallow it willingly because they don't have the discernment to see what they are being fed is philosophical poison). "You be the judge" is exactly what the Serpent tempted Adam and Eve with: "You will be like God, knowing good from evil".
Is tomato ketchup that far removed from an apple? (I know it wasn't an apple....) Both are lies feeding our human ego, and insofar as we believe them and live according to them we are less than truly human. Words are important.
Words mean something. Because something is subtle and placed in an inconspicuous place makes it even more seditious and dangerous.
*END OF RANT* I now return you to your condiments. :)

Anonymous said...


Anticipa-yay-shun is making me wait.

Is keeping me way-yay-yay-yay-yay-itin'...


Fr. Gregory Jensen said...

S-P, I tag you!

Anonymous said...

The whole thing could have been immeasurably improved with a question mark after the "Heinz".

Steve, I'm so happy to have stumbled on your blog, having become a BIG OLiC geek (ummm, I've heard every episode. . .)after a spell of rather intense icon-painting (I use the term advisedly) last year when I needed something spiritual in nature to listen to but which was also not cold and distant. You and Bill rank up waaaaay up there with the Scary Nuns of Ormylia (I imagine they are coming to take names every time I hear them) and the mellow stylings of the Valaam monks. Thanks for the goodness, and I look forward to checking in to your blog when I get a chance :-) Oh, and thanks for reminding me of the Superman song -- it really is terrific, and yes, very moving.
Keep on keeping on!

Steve Robinson said...

Hi Jenny,
Welcome to my other hobby. :) If you've already heard all the OLiC programs then you have lots of spare time to read all my archived blog posts. You need to get a life! LOL!