Sunday, June 08, 2008

Superman Song

One of the best songs of all time.
For all you superheroes out there.
It makes me weep.


Fr. Gregory Jensen said...

Lovely. Thank you.

You know, I hadn't realized until I heard the song, and saw the video, but Superman is a lot like St Paul's description of a pastor in Acts 20.28-36): a man who has received gifts that could make him wealthy and powerful, but who instead commits himself to the service of others.

Again, thanks for the video.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

How about a superhero song that's more in tune with the American sitz im laben. I was thinking of Randy Stonehill's "Barbie Nation" - you know, all buffed up but no substance.

Nah, wait ... that's way to cynical.

Steve Robinson said...

I think one of the things that separates the "Superhero" from "American idols" is the virtues of selflessness, sacrifice and humility as evidenced by their somewhat forced but accepted anonimity. The thing that Marvel introduced to the Superhero is flawed humanity so the struggle with the "passions" is as great as the struggle with external evil. There is a lot of analogies and metaphors for the spiritual life in being a Superhero. The Superman Song touches the existential/spiritual crisis of what Spiderman series brings out: with great gifts come great responsibility, loneliness, and the opportunity to wrestle with how the gifts will ultimately be used. This is the stuff of real humanity, not just vehicles for computer graphics and unbelievable action stunts.

Anonymous said...

Be honest, Superman.

-Someone who knows you don't weep, but who wishes you could. It would be so good for you. Maybe someday...