Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clergy Lineup

Clikonit to embiggen


Drewster2000 said...

Oh man! It's best we not know how close this is to reality sometimes.

Steve Robinson said...

Drewster, The thing that cracked me up about the original picture is the looks on everyone's faces (plus the "pointing") reminded me of "lineup interrogations" in second grade in Sister Mary Ellen Jude's classroom. Too perfect to pass up.

Unknown said...

One day I'll get the guts to ask someone directly, "Seriously, doesn't it ever freak you out that the yutz-ratio is so high?"

All this work they put into selecting people and they have a pretty high rate of failure.

I remember Fr Hopko being rather blunt at one point about the psychological fitness of the average student in seminaries. The comment (though the usual more inflammatory side of our beloved Father Bomb-thrower) if taken seriously should have just shut down the institutions rather than subject the laity to such systematic abuse.

Reminds me of an Orthograph about how happy you are with your own priest depending on how many other priests you know.