Thursday, May 07, 2009

Afraid of Silence

In the movies when we hear silence in a darkened house, someone dies. In the spiritual life if we keep silence in our darkened heart, something dies.

What does a haunted house and the spiritual life have in common? LISTEN HERE


Benedict Seraphim said...

Good podcast. Listened to it this morning.

Thanks for your good words on the "carry on" post yesterday. Believe me, I'll never forget that my past is going to be hunching up behind me every step I take. That's mostly a very good thing, but there's some tough stuff in there as well, as you know.

Still, I was trying to emphasize how hopeful and open the future seems to me--paradoxically, given the limitations I have and will likely have.

Of course, it's not yet clear to me whether this hope is emotion-driven, or more deep and real. And I do have my downs as well as my ups. So, we'll see. But it's nice to have such moments, whatever their motivating energy, if nothing else as a break from more negative feelings.

Thanks, Steve.

Benedict Seraphim said...

Oh, and feel free to email or call--not that you have any time with all the building work you're doing.

s-p said...

Benedict, thanks, I'd like to catch up. Send me a private email, I don't have my addy book on my laptop.