Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Panorama View

I tried Canon's "Photo Stitch" and it worked pretty well, even though it had to curve the space a little. (Click this one for a slight enlargement).

This is standing at the altar and looking back toward the entry. The arched entry is just below the "keystone" looking panel in the center of the picture. The dormer window on the right is in the wing where the chanters will be standing. The scaffolding and heavy equipment are out now so tomorrow I'm going to do a video tour and put it up on youtube. Stay tuned.

The contractor brought in a one man lift so I could paint the windows...

and patch the hole at the very top of the dome and finish spraying the paint in the peak. Originally he told me I could get a 12 foot ladder and put it on top of the scaffold and if I stood on the top rung I could reach the peak of the dome. I told him the Church is dedicated to St. John, not Barnum and Bailey... I needed a lift. It only took about fifteen minutes to quick set plaster the patch and spray it, but I'm alive to blog about it.
As of an hour ago, 16 days straight of 11-12 hour days, I'm officially done and the flooring starts tomorrow, on schedule and in enough time to finish the building by the consecration on June 9 with MP Jonah and Bp. Benjamin.

Tomorrow I clean tools, reload the truck and look at a couple other future projects and hopefully get some interview time with Fr. Meletios before I head home.


Elizabeth said...

Aiieeee ! Just loking at that photo of you in the lift is giving me vertigo.......
Glad it has all gone so well.

elizabeth said...

Whoa. 12 foot ladder on scaffolding. So glad you had the other lift instead. Besides, it looks cool!

This project you worked on was intense and I imagine very satisfying - to see such great results!

I find myself still thinking about the picture of that bookstore!!! :)

Fr. James Early said...

Congratulations! It's Miller time! (Or maybe something stronger is called for!)

James the Thickheaded said...

Looking up at the lift, it kind of looks like you're standing either on a vertical pipe organ, or the sorts of tubular bell towers. Cool either way.

Good thing you didn't use one of those cherry picker trucks where the bucket tends to jerk rather than move smoothly. Imagine... trying to move a little over to the right.. and "slam", you get a real nice impression of your head and the bucket in the drywall.

"I guess we could paint it up like an icon".
"Don't those things project out."
"Right. I knew that."

There are lots of other creative and fun ways to sling the drywall mud (bungee cord, velcro suit)... but none do as nice a job as you've done as it looks from here. And you get to go home with all your parts! Looks great! Thanks!