Sunday, May 24, 2009

Letters To Home from St. John's

My wife's nightmare.

Monday, May 11.
Hi Sweetie, I arrived safely at St. John's. The Church is a lot more complicated than I thought it was from the pictures. I might have to stay for 3 weeks instead of two... I'll keep you posted.

Wed. May 13.
Hey babe, We got started and its going slowly to begin with, but we're figuring things out. The services here are wonderful, so peaceful... the singing is just like on the CD! Give Kenzie a hug for me.

Saturday, May 16
Hi Peg, We're pretty close to finishing sheetrocking. Its long, hard days. Compline is such a comforting way to end the day. I got a little time to talk to Fr. Meletios, the new abbott. What a beautiful spirit he has! Miss you. Tell Kenz "HI".

Monday, May 18
Hi, We finished the rock and started taping. Sunday's services almost unearthly, I felt like it was truly the Kingdom on earth. Fr. Meletios' homily pierced my soul. I've gotten to know some of the Brothers here and they are such a joy to work with and be around. I pray things are well at home. Give my greetings to our daughter.
love, s-p

Friday May 22
Dear Silouana, Our work is progressing with God's blessings. The Church is such a beautiful sacred space. I wept for joy when we finished the taping and I knew it would be perfect. I went to confession with Fr. Meletios and it was so freeing and my soul flew with the wings of the dove. I wish I could explain it to you. Perhaps when we come for the feast day and you get to meet him you will see what I mean. Anyway, please give a kiss of peace to Mary McKenzie for me.
In Christ,
steven paul

Monday, May 25
Dear Sister in Christ, Christ is Risen! Alethios Anesti! It is with great joy in the risen Lord that I bring you greetings from the Fathers and Brothers of St. John's. I fervently pray for you and Mary every night during my vigil before the icon of St. John. There is much work here and I might have to stay another 4-5 weeks (or more) in order to complete the task that God has ordained me to accomplish here. Please send my 300 knot prayer rope FedEx overnight.
Eternally your brother in Christ,


Cameron said...

Ha ha!

elizabeth said...

uh huh. I do enjoy your humour!

Must be all that dust! :)

Hope your knees are recovering; and your back; My Dad has painted for years and I know that the tall roller can do a number on one's back/neck...

I am thankful to God for your blog.

Gabriel said...

What's your new name? :)

Elizabeth said...

Love it !

Fr. John McCuen said...

I've sorta noticed that you haven't posted any of her replies... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think Elisabeth "nailed it." LOL
Seriously though, bless you!
If that podcast special from the
new abbott, is any indication
St. John's is in good hands.

Kirk said...

Phase II: Installation of wood paneling.

Fr. James Early said...