Sunday, May 03, 2009

Llamas and Bugattis

Wifie and I have taken the last couple Saturdays and did some "down time". We just got home from Patagonia (Southern Arizona, not South America), where we hiked around a bird conservatory and checked off a couple more birds in the book. This is one of the cottonwood trees by the creek (that's Wifie in the field for perspective).

We stayed at a little "ranch" on a dirt road where the owner rents rooms. Our studio apartment room was off the pool and next to the corral where there were four donkeys and two llamas. You can see the llama greeting party to the right of the statue (click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see him better...cute!)

Here he is up close and personal.

Wifie decided to chat with him over the fence. As she leaned in, he leaned in. About two seconds after I snapped this he sneezed and blew grass cud all over her face. RUDE LLAMA! Good thing there's no such thing as Llama Flu.
The weekend before we visited my parents in Northern Arizona and went to a classic car show with my Dad. I met one of my "old flames" at the show. She was part of my mid-life crisis...the "ex" ended up with her, actually. She would have been impractical with 6 kids anyway. I ended up with a 1976 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon with wood decals on the sides... Built for comfort, not for speed. Much like the Wifie.

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Gabriel said...

Those both sound like they were fantastic trips. Me and Jessie loved going up to Flagstaff every few months to get some fresh air. Glad you guys got to hit the road for a while!